We’re studio ulu and we love to make stuff, both digital and real-world. From 3D assets for high end games and Hollywood film productions, to collectibles, sculptures and jewelry. We handle all aspects of development- concepting, model, texture, groom, 3D printing and manufacturing. 

What sets us apart from the competition? By operating in the secure cloud environment we’re able to source the best talent regardless of their location. We exclusively employ veterans of industry’s heavy hitters such as ILM, MPC, DNEG, Ubisoft etc., which guarantees our assets are of the utmost standard, seamlessly integrating with your pipeline. Whether you need one freelancer or a team of twenty, we scale accordingly.

We're currently in progress of getting TPN Golden Shield assessment done, so you can be sure your IP is safe with us.

Meet the team:

Michal Kriukow, the founder and creative director of ulu. He's been supervising asset teams at ILM, MPC, Animal Logic and the Orphanage for the past 17 years. He's left his legacy as the Grogu bronze statue installed where Lucasfilm studio once was. 

Patricia Tong, Our asset supervisor, with 18 years of ILM experience she knows the ins and out of the pipeline. She's very experienced with outsourcing assets to 3rd party vendors, which makes her perfect for the reverse role.

Vishal Nair, surfacing supervisor. 5 years ILM, 4 years MPC and 8 years gaming experience prior to that. With knowledge of both film UDIM workflows, as well as games' optimization approaches, he'll make sure your textures are plug and play.