Our Services

What makes us more suited for your needs than others? We're solely focused on 3D asset creation and its real world derivatives. Whether you need a high-end character designed and modeled, or you want to scale up your production temporarily, by hiring a whole team, we can plug into your pipeline seamlessly. We work on both per-project and per daily-rate basis. Some of our most popular services:

  • Highest quality concept art and asset creation for VFX and game industries.
We fill the niche  between a freelance artist and a full-fledged VFX studio. Our talented artists are exclusively veterans of top game and VFX shops, such as ILM, MPC, Double Negative, Ubisoft, CD Projekt etc. From initial concept, through modeling, texturing, lookdev, groom, to rigging, we deliver high end assets. We also specialize in blend shape libraries and shot sculpts, enhancing your shots on cache level.By strictly adhering to your own tech specs, naming conventions and color spaces we ensure smooth ingestion into your pipeline. 
  • Prototyping for 3D printing and manufacturing. 
Do you want to design a corporate gift, figurine or a custom camera bracket? We utilize wide range of 3D printers, therefore depending on your requirements, both large and small, intricately detailed objects can be achieved. All models go through QC, look professional and have no tell-tale signs of 3D printing, such as layering and artifacts. Or maybe you're a printer yourself and just need an STL designed? Can do.
  • Custom jewelry design.
We specialize in small batch and custom, personalized jewelry. It can be cast in 925 sterling silver, gold and other precious metals. No matter if your style is hard rock, minimalist or you need a unique, modern engagement ring, we'll take on the challenge.
  • Collectibles, fine art and objects of interest. 
We produce our own IP, traditional sculptures for sale, as well as work on commission basis. We're always open to collaboration with independent designers, just give us a shout. 
  • Mentorship and lectures
We're quite involved with students. We give lectures and master classes at VFX and animation studios to level up your own teams, as well as conduct art school courses. Contact us about private tutoring courses and demo reel reviews. 


    We're always on the lookout for interesting projects, please don't hesitate to contact us and we promise to always respond within 12 hours. In case we can't be the solution for you ourselves, we will always push you in the right direction or connect you with our partners. Contact us!